I swear, this was not made with AI, but studies show things need to be spelled out for people to understand crossing over industries, or how hobbies relate to increasing a company’s bottom line.

I sell hobbyist things on eBay, from cups to dolls, to functional sneakers. It’s like running a small business, and here is an outline of what I do, and how the skills learned here also fit into a larger organization.

Here's a sample (Otherwise the formatting won't transfer);

Write The Description

  • Are there any flaws or cosmetic / functional damage?
  • What did you do with the item? For something like a doll or Funko pop, if you’re a collector, you probably posed and displayed them. A child probably played more actively with them.
  • How is the condition of the item? For something like traveling mugs, how often was it used?

This shows honesty. Honesty up front like this prevents back and forth in the work place, and returns and dings against you as a seller on places like Mercari and eBay. If someone doesn’t like the condition of the item and buys it, a reasonable selling platform should be on your side.

Add a bit of a FAQ; You can preempt a lot of messages; [what follows is an image of one of my selling descriptions, but here are the words]

"Can I buy something seperately?" : Depends on the price of the individual item: Anything under 10$ - 15$, probably not.

"Do you have any others of Star Wars sequels?": No, sorry!

US Shipping Only.

This shows time management, documentation ability, and asynch communication, in how we preempt people’s questions and give them the knowledge to make a decision. People may not read and skip to message you anyway, but at least you can copy and paste the description and reply pretty easily, right?

Find the rest on this Notion page that you can share with others; here.

ahah i love the disclaimer at the top :) I love that you do this on the side and i think a lot of skills can be acquired from sales, and how YOU can sell yourself too!
I loved this Morgan - such a great read.