Self-care/wellness speakers you know of?

Hi All - I'm working with my company's women's ERG to host some events for Women's History Month. Obviously, we'd like to gear content towards the whole org too, not just women but do you know any thought leaders who do speaking events or workshops? This can touch on (mental)health: combating burnout, wellness, self-care...

YES!!! You should talk to @alyssapetersel she is the founder of My Well being!
I’m happy to talk! I’ve just been working on a program about how to avoid burnout and build burnout-resistant teams. And I love supporting women around this (we all need itβ€”and women are often specifically acculturated to sacrifice their own needs for others).
This lady: She's the founder of The New Happy, I love the concept:
Feel free to reach out for a chat! My top topic is confident female leadership in male-dominated environments, but I love to talk about building healthy habits and improve decision-making to reduce stress. Here's a link to a keynote on healthy habits/morning routine I gave in 2021: (from minute 6:25)
Caru Jones (pronounced Carrie) presented a very well-received "Healing Burnout" session to our ERG. Tell her Christina from Olo sent you! can look into yoga. Our org has done chair yoga: moves all based in our desk chairs, so it's fairly easy and accessible for everyone to join in. If there is a woman-owned studio near you, see if they do any online classes. And, for a lower lift / lower cost, you could have a social hour with conversation prompts focused on how we take care of ourselves.
@gabbysalmeron - I can! I've sent you a DM.
An excellent speaker on self care is @erna She’s always invited by ERG groups.
@melissang is your woman! πŸ€—
Hey @gabbysalmeron I am speaker and trainer in positive psychology and founder of Happiness Academy - happy to connect and discuss details. I speak on the topics of wellbeing (with many subtopics, such as being own best friend), flow (deep state of immersion and engagement) and how to achieve it, resilience etc.I prefer to build talks customized for the audience so prefer to hear more about your specific audience before I suggest the exact topic. You can see my TEDx talk for example of my speaking style, although the topic there was more on the side of personal than positive psychology. For keynotes, I usually make them engaging, science based and with focus on practical and tools that audience can take away and use straight away.For more about my background and experience, you can also have a look at my Linkedin profile (happy to connect there :))
@gabbysalmeron would your company be interested on the topic of Cyclical Wisdom and seasonality? Cyclical wisdom is the idea that men and women are different physically and in terms of our hormone cycles. Menstrual tracking and awareness, and to whatever degree is possible, aligning your work, social and personal life according to your body's needs hormonally is an intelligent and effective strategy to optimize health and career outcomes. Some of this is detailed in a previous post mentioned here: this sounds interesting I'd love to connect to see how I might be of support during Women's History Month.
Hi Gabby- scrolling through and I'm just now seeing this. 😭Please keep my contact for future endeavors.I have much to offer:Check Ms outThe Beebodi Marketplace