The Visibility Mindset - I want some of what she's got! #Ishowupformyself

Hi Elpha's,I hope you're having a great day.I'm interested in digging into what makes you, pause, stop or recoil when you think about putting yourself out there and being visible. Because I want you to overcome the challenges you face in this area!!Consider the statements below:❌ Your mindset, you are afraid to share or post.❌ You don't consider yourself to be an expert on the content you'd like to share.❌ You're afraid of making a mistake, and that it won't land as you anticipate.❌ You don't have a following, so your effort will be for nothing!Now consider the opportunities below:✅ You have the opportunity to grow your network and attract new clients and professional opportunities.✅ You have the opportunity to become an expert or go to person on your passion or area of expertise.✅ Your story is inspirational, because you have overcome many challenges and will continue to do so. The journey is part of the story and should be shared! In addition to your learning that helped you, it can also help others to make change.✅ You will build a community and following overtime. You already have people in your network, don't forget them! You have to start and take action, if you want to build a bigger reach.I am sure this is not news to you! If you'd like to get some help with your visibility mindset and you're ready to take action, then please express your interest for my visibility workshops in Jan 21. 1 will focus on the Female Entrepreneur and the other on Career Women. Here's the link for the form: hope that as you are thinking about your goals for the new year, you consider if you are being seen and the action that you'd like to take get more visible.I'd love for you to share the form or join us in Jan. Here's the link for the form: your success!Warm Regards,Ekua 💛