I was wondering if the remote positions in the Elpha job board are remote only in the U.S. or globally? I'd love it if companies can add that piece of information.

Thank you!

Heya! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. This request makes a lot of sense! We keep track of this kind of feedback to help us organize and understand our product roadmap. So, first and foremost, your request is noted! (p.s. Hi! I'm Mary! I work with Elpha members to navigate their careers and I work with Elpha partner companies to help them with hiring. This also means I like to keep track of product feedback and how we can best support you.)To answer your more immediate question - it is a little bit of both. I like the way the Shopify team is currently solving this by putting the information right in the title of the job. Each of their open roles has something like (Remote, United States) or (Remote, Europe): And then, some companies I know are hiring globally are: Qatalog: