A compliment that landed (+ an ask)

I am the type of person who often has a hard time hearing compliments. For example, if someone says they like my outfit, I unwittingly respond that it was on sale or it's old. I am trying to undo the habit.

Last week, I received a compliment from a Topknot member (Cady Macon) about its role in her life that landed for me. It was a-traditional (an extended metaphor with lots of emojis) and genuine. I am appreciative of it, and proud of myself for accepting the praise. Growth! 🌱

ASK: If there's an Elpha you've been looking to shower praise on, will you do so in a way that's quirky and/or different than you've praised them before? Comment and tag them below!

I love this!@jikajika meeting you on this platform 3-4 years ago and finally seeing your face (albeit virtually) is a big reminder of why I love elpha so much!Thank you for ALWAYS bringing a smile on my face and your thoughtful engagement on elpha! ❤️❤️❤️
Awwww! Thanks Iynna! We need to do another e-meet now that you reminded me😅Thank you for always being present in this community and offering connections and your sage advice!!!
Sending you so much love! Also check your DMs 😈
Love this! Thanks for shouting @jikajika out.