Startup Newsletter from an Irish Whiskey drinker...

Sorry, I don't think the fact that I sometimes like whiskey is relevant here, oops!

I recently created a newsletter where I will be sharing insightful tips with a pinch of bonkers (I'm Irish, neurodiverse and think I'm hilairious although my daughters might disagree....) about the startup ecosystem and talent/teams.

Feel free to subscribe HERE

My aim is to share nuggets at 5pm UK London timezone on:

  • Mon - startup jobseekers tips
  • Wed - startups stories and the wonderful world of entrepreneurship, general tips & sourcing talent as a startup
  • Fri - Networking! Follow Friday’s (my suggestions of some amazeballs LinkedIn connections)
  • Sat - random AF , life is like a box of choc’s you never know WHAT you gonna get (yes that is a direct quote from Forrest Gump!)

Hope to see you all there!