Happy Earth Day, Elphas! In honor of Earth Day, share a picture you’ve taken outside that makes you appreciate the beauty of mother nature or share your life hack for how we can contribute to being more sustainable!
Living in the concrete jungle of NYC, it's the little moments when the sun manages to poke in between buildings or the trees explode in full pink blossoms like this that make me smile. :) 🌱
I live by the water/bridge in NY and am very thankful for red skies and sunsets like this.
Happy Earth Day 😃Conveyed my LOVE and RESPECT to Mother Earth🌍
Photo: Seeds getting ready to take flight this past December. We don't think of winter as a time for new life, but this little pod begs to differ. Earth-friendly hack: Try buying one less *new* thing on your list each month. Got a book you're excited to read? Our public libraries are AMAZING. Feeling like some retail therapy? Check out your local nonprofit thrift shop, or scan Poshmark for your favorite brands used. Need patio furniture? Try Craigslist; you might even find a sweet teak set for free!
Great hacks! Thanks for sharing!