Transformational leadership characteristics and why the world needs authentic women leaders

In learning about transformational leadership, we recognize the innate characteristics of feminine leadership and the value it has in developing the collective capabilities of teams and the well-being of individuals. We also recognize the value of the practice of mentorship in developing or returning to the practice of nurturing others through leadership.

We hope that by learning about transformational leadership, you will recognize characteristics within yourself and feel encouraged to bring them into practice.

Our mission at OneUpOneDown is to support women through mentorship to step into leadership positions without having to compromise their authenticity. Our solution is simple but highly effective. We match women with mentors and mentees and in doing so we create relationships that support women to move forward into the positions they desire – positions of leadership and impact. We also provide the space for women to practice qualities of transformational leadership through mentorship. Our solution is a way to address the deep needs of individuals to learn, grow and gain clarity in their abilities and the role they can play within groups, organizations, and cultures. Humans have always learned through experience and relationships. We are enabling this for women at a global level.

It’s an exciting future.