Real advice on approaches in tech

Would love for some tips and advice on how to approach new potential clients for contractual remote development roles! I have my Tech startup which offers remote development roles

Hi! thanks for the post. When you say development roles, do you mean you offer software development services ie. your company is essentially a consulting like company? Or can you clarify what you mean?
Thanks for replying iynna yes i mean software development is what we offer as a service. We help clients get the right developer which can be termed as a consulting company as well. Hope this helps make things clearer
It does! What kinds of clients do you have? I mean are these more large tech-driven enterprises, medium tech companies, or more startup-like type of companies?There are many ways to go about this depending on the type of clients- if startups: accelerators, incubators (and MAYBE some venture firms that have a large portfolio, key is to reach out to platform or operations team/person in charge)- if larger enterprises, you might be able to leverage some SEO and put some content out there to drive traffic (have you tried doing this before and if so what was the outcome? if it worked out, you can double down, if it didn't you can use this downtime to figure out what could be improved)- what do other companies like yours do? is there any one in the market who's a competitor you respect? If so see how they do it!- lastly referrals will be your BEST friend! take a look at your clients and see who they are connected to that you think is a good fit for your business and ask for an intro, but beforehand you need to be hyper specific of what you can offer and if it's a fit for the type of companies you want the intro to.
This is extremely informative Iynna! Thank you for taking some time off to do this! Very helpful tips out there
of course, so glad this could help you! Let us know how things go for you!
Yes i surely will!