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Could you share more about how the information collected may be used?
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Most job seekers decide whether they will spend the majority of their time for the next few years with a manager based off a 45 minute interview.And interviews are like first dates. It’s a pretending contest!This will give job seekers anonymous reviews on managers so they can choose roles where they will actually enjoy who they work with.Hope this helps!!!
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Thanks for the additional context! I think one thing to be especially mindful of here too is the authenticity of these reviews and how that is being ensured within the survey format.Not to say anyone here would do this, but there's nothing stopping folks from crafting fake experiences or reviews for managers they've had, or, heck, managers they have NOT had but know of. It's important to consider the fairness on both sides to protect the integrity of someone looking for a job and someone who's in managerial position.
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Yeah that’s a great point, I’ll relay that feedback to the founder!
Same question as @teresaman - how will the information submitted be used? Do you have a link to their website or other information?Reviewing specific individuals seems very icky to me since opinions can be subjective. Also, naming specific people seems like it can open up several privacy-related cans of worms. I'd want more information about this company and how they plan to use the submitted info.
If you can share it, what is the name of your mentor’s company so we can check it out? Thank you.
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Thanks for sharing this @simranraichandanii. Having a bit of conflicted reaction to your post and would love to know more.I work for Vault Platform, an employee reporting tool that connects employees and their companies in safe, anonymous, discreet ways. In my experience with anonymous forms--and witnessing the fallout of the Shitty Media Men list ( --it can be quite dangerous for people to use a format like this to share any negative experiences with managers. If this is to be a trusted place for people to go to get a pulse check on potential managers as you describe below, it needs to be a safe space for anyone to go to give a review.Giving employees tools to speak up is super important to me and I love the idea for this but extremely hesitant that it's an unbranded google form.
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