We're crowdfunding £27,800 for inspiring the next generation of women into tech and we need your help!

Hi Elpha's,

I'm part of TLA Black Women in Tech and we're crowd-funding for our book, the Voices in the Shadow. This book is full of inspirational stories of 51 black women to be distributed to schools for free in the UK and Ireland so we can bring more diversity in tech. We have raised £11,886 which is 42% of our total. We need your help to raise the complete total of £27,800 by 13th Sept 10:59 AM BST.

Does any one have any suggestions on how to get more attention? How to attract big donors in the final hours of your campaign?

We'd appreciate contributios and shares from this community. Our biggest challenge is getting shares at this final stage. So even a contribution of £20 helps to move the needle towards our goal!!

Here's the link:

Thank you so much for your support, ideas, suggetinos and donations.

Warm Regards,

Ekua Cant

Head Cheerleader for Career Magic

I love this!! I will share it on Twitter and donate!
Thank you @emilypatterson, we really appreciate your support. 😍😍