Transitioning from full-time employment to becoming a Career Coach - Tips for the journey

When I decided to make a career transition from “stable” full time employment to being a self-employed Career Coach, I had fears.  I entered the coaching profession after coming from a personal low when my previous startup DrinksBot failed.  I experienced a Burnout episode, which led me to do some “soul searching” about where to go next in my career.  I am sharing some of my early experiences in coaching to let you know that you can do the hard things if you’re committed to embracing a "Growth Mindset". You decide to be your own advocate, do the self-coaching and get a coach or mentor ahead of you to help you in the journey. I did all of those things and continue to have coaches plural on my team!  I am sharing a personal journal extract from the beginning of my coaching journey. I wrote these negative thoughts on 6th April 2020. I did this so that I could work on re-framing them and doing the work so I no longer believed them.  I share this story about the beginning of my coaching journey to let you know, I have been there too. I continue to do the work to tackle the thoughts that don’t serve me as I continue to scale my coaching business.  If you can relate to those statements here’s 3 things you can do to reframe and remove their power over you:✅Write down WHY you’re passionate about serving as a coach, read it, speak it or listen to it as an affirmation every day ✅Find a tribe for your coaching niche and get support ✅Reaffirm your commitment to “healing the pain” that you have been through and that you no longer want others to suffer because you have the tools, the lived experience and the solution to help others “to be cured” Mindset shifts take action and consistent work. The work I did and still do did not happen overnight. It took a decision, a belief and action.

What are you doing to affirm that you should keep going in your new buisness as coach?

Keep at it, you've got this!

Warm Regards,

Ekua Cant, Head Cheerleader for Career Magic 💛