How do you decide to make a change? Share your story!

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It's super common to feel stuck, dissatisfied, or a yearning for something more (we promise, we hear it all the time). And then there comes a moment when you decide you want to do something about it. That's the story we want to hear.

Will you tell us about a 🔺change you want to make, and how you came to that 💫realization?

For some guidance / inspiration, here's two we've heard. 👇👇

⚡️ “I felt fine at my job until one day my boss asked me to stay late like I’d done so many times before and my whole body revolted. A line I didn’t know existed had been crossed and I knew there was no coming back. I started a job search the next day.”

🌊 “Looking back I can see how all the little things added up, but in the moment each felt like not enough to push me over the edge. When it got to be too much, I knew we had to break up.”

We will be sharing your anonymous submissions in next week's newsletter. Thanks for dropping wisdom and making what can feel like a scary and lonely moment less so.

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