LinkedIn Profile need a boost? Career Direction confusion? RSVP to this week's workshops:

For all the job-seekers and career advancers: this week's fun, brief, effective workshops with LessonsUp:

  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile, 3/23 @ 4PM PDT - We'll touch on impact statements, key results, & how much work history detail to include to create a profile that stands out.
  • Advanced Job Search Strategies, 3/24 @ 11:30AM PDT - Learn about the process we follow in Job Search Boot Camp over the course of 10 weeks to set ourselves up to land more valuable offers in tech.
  • Career Direction Workshop, 3/25 @ 12PM PDT - Having a tough time choosing what to apply to or figuring out where to pivot to? Join this workshop to dig into your transferrable skills & learn how to comb LinkedIn for insights.

What are these workshops? They are Zoom meetings that are part training, part breakout room practice with tech-hiring whiz Malinda Coler. They're free! RSVP and join us to bring your biggest job-seeking frustrations and/or career-advancing ambitions.

RSVP to these events and more here: