I can't decide what kind of technology interests me the most

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I'd recommend this:- write down your current skillset- find out the required skills for each of the other fields you're interested in- map them and find out the one that you have the largest overlap in skillsetThat would be the easiest one for you to switch over. You should talk to people in those fields to better understand what their day-to-day job is like, take some time to think which one is a better fit for you and take it from there.
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Thanks so much, Lirida.
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What aspects of web development are you focused on? If looking at front end, I really enjoy using Webflow. It's not for everyone or suitable for all projects. It's free to set up a limited site so you can see if it clicks for you.They have great content for learning and recently announced a 21 day design challenge to help learn the tool.https://webflow.com/https://university.webflow.comhttps://university.webflow.com/2021-portfolio
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Thanks so much