6 Companies Hiring on Elpha that Provide Management Training

A list of companies hiring on Elpha that invest in their employees' professional development.

I have worked in hospitality, VR, education, tech and the nonprofit world, and have observed the full range of management styles.

Regardless of industry, I can't understate the importance of a good manager. 

Especially in the past few years, managing has meant a lot more than expectation setting and performance evaluation. It is a balance of empathy, accountability, vulnerability, communication, and leadership. These skills all take practice and great managers know there is always room to improve. 

When a company provides management training, it's also a good indication of its commitment to investing in employee professional development.

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What do they do?: Aptible helps developers do their best work by empowering them to use any cloud infrastructure securely. They’ve already helped hundreds of innovative companies succeed at becoming trustworthy custodians of sensitive data, and they’re just getting started.

How do they support managers?: Aptible includes norms and expectations around delivering feedback in their public employee handbook. I especially like their practice of "putting the fish on the table" aka recognizing and naming moments of tension.

Open positions at Aptible:

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What do they do?: Render is building a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices. Render offers the flexibility of traditional cloud providers without their complexity and maintenance headaches so developers and businesses can focus on building products instead of managing servers. 

How do they support managers?: Render encourages managers to spot patterns in private and public feedback and make sustainable changes, like a recent move away from location-based compensation.

Open positions at Render:

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What do they do?: Flexport’s mission is to make global trade easy and accessible for everyone. Today, companies of all sizes—from emerging brands to Fortune 500s—use Flexport technology to move more than $19B of merchandise across 112 countries a year.

How do they support managers?: Flexport has a number of leadership programs, one of which is focused on inclusive leadership training.

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What do they do?: Nearside’s mission is to provide accessible, transparent, and fair financial products to help people start and grow their businesses.

How do they support managers?: Binti offers $2,500 annual reimbursement for ongoing learning and development, with opportunities to attend trainings/conferences, on-site speaker series, and lunch and learns.

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Nova Credit

What do they do?: Nova Credit helps newcomers apply for financial services using their international credit history from countries around the world. Nova Credit translates international credit data into a single standard format familiar to underwriters, who use it to evaluate applications for credit products. They are unlocking new futures for immigrants and new customers for the institutions that serve them.

How do they support managers?: Invests in manager trainings as well as actively leans on their network to set up 1:1s for team members with external peers and mentors.

Open positions at Nova Credit:

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What do they do?: Superhuman is building the fastest email experience in the world. Their customers fly through their inbox twice as fast as before – more than half hit Inbox Zero within 4 hours. Superhuman cares deeply about customer experience and their product is loved and adored.

How do they support managers?: Superhuman gives each team member $3,000/year for professional development and runs an Allyship education program. 

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