12 Companies Hiring With Salary Range in Their Job Descriptions

A list of roles and their salary ranges at companies hiring on Elpha.

"What is the salary range for the role?"

Have you ever gotten toward the end of an interview process to realize you and the company were not quite aligned on salary expectations ? This happens more often than it should. 

My eyes light up for two reasons when I see a base salary range posted in the job description: to avoid the scenario above and it signals trust, transparency, and a commitment to equity from the employer.  

Scroll on down to learn more about Elpha companies with pay transparency in their job descriptions - the problems they’re solving and the salary ranges for their open roles at the time of publishing this article. 

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What do they do?: Aptible helps developers do their best work by empowering them to use any cloud infrastructure securely.

Highlight from their Elpha page: “We've been fully distributed since Employee #1. We have teammates across the globe who have the flexibility to work from home or wherever they can do their best work. Women lead 60% (3 of 5) of Aptible functional departments.”

Now hiring:

  • Customer Reliability Engineer ($150,000 – $198,000)

  • Software Engineer - Senior and above ($211,000 - $306,000)

  • Director of Marketing ($265,000 – $266,000)

  • Director of Developer Relations ($250,000  – $290,000)

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What do they do?: HealthSherpa helps people find and enroll in ACA health coverage by building the nation's most comprehensive health insurance marketplace.  

Highlight from their Elpha page: “We’ve doubled in each of the past three years and are now the largest ACA enrollment platform after healthcare.gov, having helped over 5 million people enroll in health coverage. Your contribution will positively impact hundreds of thousands of people, helping them to navigate the complex and confusing health insurance industry and to access health care when they need it.”

Now hiring:

  • Lead Software Engineer ($195,000 - $210,000)

  • Senior Software Engineer ($150,000 - $195,000)

  • Software Engineer, Full Stack ($110,000 - $150,000)

  • + 7 more roles…

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What do they do?: Tuff is a growth team designed to seamlessly integrate into their partner’s businesses to help them experience real growth. 

Highlight from their Elpha page: “When it comes to working on the weekends, that is highly discouraged and not common. We encourage team members not to download email or Slack on their phones and respect that people have a life outside of work.”

Now hiring:

  • Growth Marketer ($90,000 to $115,000)

  • SEO Marketing Manager ($85,000 - $110,000)

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What do they do?: Nextmv helps companies save time, money, and headspace by automating and optimizing everyday operational decisions.

Highlight from their Elpha page: “We strive to create a place where anybody can grow at Nextmv. So, we've created an explicit career framework and have internally transparent compensation for every Level & Step. Year-round, we do half-day Fridays.”

Now hiring:

  • Account Executive ($125,000 - $140,000)

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Brave Care

What do they do?: Brave Care’s mission is to help every child reach their full potential. We strive to do this through impactful pediatric care that’s fueled by empathy, research-driven, grounded in trust, and made more personal with the support of modern technology.

Highlight from their Elpha page: 76% of leadership roles at Brave Care are held by women. Our goal at Brave Care is to ensure the success of every team member. That means we support each other, set clear expectations, and communicate clearly.

Now hiring:

  • Backend Engineer ($135,000 - $160,000)

  • Senior Backend Engineer ($150,000 - $200,000)

  • Practice Manager - Fayetteville, NC ($80,000 - $90,000)

  • Charge RN - Fayetteville, NC ($75,000 - $85,000)

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What do they do?: We’re on a mission to build the future of formulation 🧪. Potion is building an AI-powered platform to help 👩🏽‍🔬R&D teams formulate products like cosmetics 💄and paints 🎨. 

Highlight from their Elpha page: We provide out-of-pocket reimbursement for mental health-related expenses (up to $200 per session for out-of-network therapy, 4X a month). We also provide a gym / physical wellness stipend of up to $200 per month

Now hiring:

  • Founding Full Stack Engineer ($140,000 - $200,000)

  • Chief of Staff ($120,000 - $160,000)

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What do they do?: Rutter is building a universal API for e-commerce platforms.

Highlight from their Elpha page: “Rutter offers top-of-the-line benefits, including health, dental, vision insurance, and 401k matching. We also offer unlimited paid vacation and 10 observed holidays by country.”

Now hiring:

  • Software Engineer ($110,000 - $190,000)

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What do they do?: Kolide’s SaaS app sends employees important, timely, and relevant security recommendations for their Linux, Mac, and Windows devices, right inside Slack.

Highlight from their Elpha page: We recognize that everyone works a little differently. Our team members know their schedules best, and we all have commitments outside of work. We want employees to show up as their best selves, so we encourage them to work when they can be their most productive. As a remote company, we want you to work when it's right for you, where it’s right for you.

Now hiring:

  • Rails Engineer - ($100,000 - $160,000)

  • Software Engineer - Device Endpoint Team ($110,000 - $175,000)

  • Sales Executive - Mid-Market ($85,000 - $140,000)

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Just Appraised

What do they do?: The build software to streamline the change of ownership process for local government tax assessment offices. 

Highlight from their Elpha page: We want to support you as a whole person including your physical and mental health. It’s not uncommon to see calendar holds for runs on a daily basis or to see photos posted in our #random Slack channel of a great sunset or a lookout from a teammate’s hike. 

Now hiring:

  • Integration Engineer ($100,000 - $130,000)

  • Customer Success Manager ($65,000 - $80,000)

  • Sales and Market Development ($80,000 - $140,000)

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What do they do?: Sequin is on a mission to get women the credit we deserve beginning with a debit card that builds credit, with rewards where women spend, and community-based education.

 Highlight from their Elpha page: “As a mission-driven, early-stage startup, we work hard and care for one another deeply. Mental health days are encouraged and stepping away because it’s that time of the month is perfectly reasonable. One of our co-founders’ is a new parent, and we understand personal obligations as a team.”

 Now hiring:

  • Founding Engineer ($135,000 - $200,000)

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Shelf Engine

What do they do?: Their mission is to reduce food waste through automation. They harness the power of AI to provide real-time, intelligent forecasting for food retailers like grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes across the United States.

Highlight from their Elpha page: “We’re able to drastically reduce the amount of shrink (food waste) which in turn drives profit for retailers, lowers costs for consumers, and reduces the negative ecological and social impacts of waste.”

Now hiring:

  • Data Science Manager ($175,000 - $215,000)

  • Senior Software Engineer ($145,000 - $195,000)

  • Senior Financial Analyst ($100,000 - $115,000)

  • +29 more roles…

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What do they do?: Elpha is on a mission to help women succeed at work.

Highlight from their Elpha page: This one is a little meta. Our team is growing! We are a small team distributed across the globe. Each role at Elpha comes with a high level of ownership, responsibility, and an opportunity to significantly impact the experience of women in tech. 

Now hiring:

  • Software Engineer ($122,000 - $159,000)

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