22 Companies with 12+ Weeks of Paid Maternity Leave

A list of companies hiring on Elpha and offering at least 3 months of paid maternity leave.

Are there certain benefits that can serve as a strong signal of inclusion in the workplace? Benefits that, even if they don’t apply to us, still set a company apart?

As women cycle through stages of life, we prioritize different benefits and cultural qualities at work. When I was earlier in my career, it was important for me to find a place that provided a clear path for career growth . And, these days a flexible work schedule has risen to the top. The cool thing about having a community with over 50,000 women in tech is that we’re all different! The benefits and cultural qualities we’re looking for in a company vary widely. 

So, let’s turn to the data. 

This year's Top Workplaces for Women survey found that paid parental leave policies are one of the inclusive benefits women look at to determine whether a workplace is women-friendly.

Below, we’ve pulled 26 companies hiring through Elpha that offer 12+ weeks of paid maternity leave .

Scroll on down to learn more about these Elpha companies - the problems they’re solving, the culture they’re building, and their specific parental leave policy. To learn more about a startup and view their open roles, click on the company name. 👇🏽

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Adyn is a femtech company on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive so everyone can live their healthiest life. Their first product helps individuals identify the best birth control for their unique biology. 🕊

Elizabeth Ruzzo , the CEO of adyn, holds her Ph.D. in genetics and genomics and was inspired to start adyn after her own journey with challenging side effects from the wrong birth control for her own DNA. 

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


Aptible is committed to making security a strength for every startup. Rather than building compliance into your cloud infrastructure, startups can use Aptible to get their product to market faster and be HIPAA-compliant from day one. ☁️

They’ve been a remote team since day 1 and have thought a lot about ‘scaling good decision making across the company’. The real way to get to know a company? - check out their public Zoom and Slack norms.

For maternity leave, they offer: 14 weeks, fully paid 


Beeper gives you a unified inbox to chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter DMs and 12 other networks. You can search, prioritize, and mute messages, all in one spot. 🤖

Beeper launched in early 2021 and is a small (but growing!) fully remote team spread out across the globe. They also open source most of their backend.

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid

Chord Commerce

Chord Commerce is building a data and commerce stack to give D2C companies meaningful access to proprietary first-party data insights. They are working to give entrepreneurs more tools to truly understand their customers and respond to them. 🛠

The Chord Commerce team is fully remote, spread out between the U.S. and Canada. 

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid + a 4 week "ramp back" period of part-time transition.


Cresicor helps consumer-packaged-good companies with trade promotion decision-making. Trade promotion is in action when you snag the buy-one-get-one-free deal at your grocery store. They are developing an analytics-rich software system that replaces the current spreadsheet workflow that CPG companies use to understand and manage their trade. 🏪

Cresicor takes flexibility seriously and the team is interested in talking to great candidates about any potential role, including part-time and contractor roles. 

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


Ethena provides compliance training for modern teams. They break larger topics - like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - into smaller and more digestible training delivered throughout the year so it stays top of mind. 📝

Ethena was started by two women, a military veteran and a software engineer. Check out their VP of engineering’s viral blog post on compensation philosophy for the eng team at Ethena.

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


Gem is on a mission to build the operating system for a modern recruiting industry — one that’s candidate-focused, data-driven, and diversity-conscious. They build software to help recruiters build relationships with candidates. They also just raised their Series C .

And, they prioritize that work internally by asking their leadership team to commit to three coffee chats with underrepresented professionals every quarter, to increase the diversity in their own professional networks. 💎

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


Grammarly’s digital writing assistant helps 30 million people and 30,000 teams write every day. 💬

Grammarly operates with a remote-first hybrid working model. Team members can work primarily remotely. Starting in 2022, teams will meet in person every quarter at one of Grammarly's hubs in San Francisco, Kyiv, New York, and Vancouver.

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid  


Nearside believes that starting a business should be easier. They’re on a mission is to provide accessible, transparent, and fair checking and lending products to help people start and grow their businesses.

Nearside operates on a remote-friendly policy, hiring across the US and Canada. Employees have the option to work in-office in San Francisco, if they’d like. 📍

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid + $25,000 USD reimbursement on fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and other family planning services

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dubbed the original Silicon Valley startup, the HPE Cloud Data Services team hires through Elpha. The full organization is 60,000-strong and rallies around the mission to advance the way people live and work. 📈

As one of the larger organizations hiring through Elpha, they have extensive benefits, flexible work-life balance, and a lot of opportunities for internal movement across teams.

For maternity leave, they offer: 24 weeks, fully paid (in the U.S.)

Just Appraised

Just Appraised makes software for local governments. More specifically, they are building software to streamline local government tax assessors’ workflows using machine learning. 

They are a fully remote team that is globally dispersed. They also share compensation ranges upfront in many of their job descriptions. 🌏

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks for birthing and non-birthing parents, and parental leave can be used intermittently and distributed over the course of the year following birth.


Since launching in 2017, Binti has helped over 40,000 families get approved to foster and/or adopt children. Binti partners with county and state governments as well as private agencies across 27 states to improve the foster care system. The 190+ agencies using Binti serve about 22% of children in child welfare in the US.

Binti offers excellent health insurance, with 99% coverage for both the employee and dependents and a $5,000 annual bonus for employees who volunteer as a CASA (court-appointed special advocates).

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid

Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury is on a mission to transform the way businesses move and track money, driving toward a world where payments are real-time, reconciliation is instant, and accounting is continuous. They are building payments infrastructure to power $750 trillion in bank transfers every year.

They have 25 open roles right now and are growing quickly with a commitment to invest in the personal and professional growth of all Modernos. 💰

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid


Nextmv is a globally distributed team building a decision stack to help companies automate manual workflows and optimize operational decisions for routing, scheduling and packing. 

They have a stated compensation philosophy that includes location-agnostic pay. Compensation and Equity for every level is also transparent internally.  📊

For maternity leave, they offer: 14 weeks, fully paid

Nova Credit

Nova Credit helps newcomers to the U.S. apply for financial services using their international credit history from countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Nigeria, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, among others. Through this work, they unlock new futures for immigrants and new customers for the institutions that serve them.

They aim for no-meeting Wednesdays and have instituted biweekly half-day Fridays. 🙏

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid


Render is building a unified cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices. Their goal is to help developers and businesses focus on building products instead of managing servers. 

Render’s Engineer, Growth, Design, and People & Talent teams are all led by women. 💪

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


Routable is a remote Series B startup on a mission to be the simplest way to send and receive B2B payments. 💸

The team is 100% remote, with employees in over eighteen states and four countries worldwide. They start from the belief that we are all responsible adults, passionate about our work. And encourage employees to craft their schedules to what works best for them.

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


The co-founders of Stytch were frustrated with what they viewed as security and user experience shortcomings of password-based authentication. To solve this, Stytch is building a developer platform for passwordless authentication to enable teams to build delightful experiences. 🔐

Culturally they prioritize clear goals, ownership and flexibility - trusting their team to work whenever they work best. 

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid


Superhuman is building a productivity platform for the future. Their email experience includes features like A.I. triage, undo send, insights from social networks, follow-up reminders, scheduled messages, read statuses, and more. They plan to expand past email to calendars, notes, contacts, tasks. 🚀

The team at Superhuman invests in the growth of their employees with $3000 per year towards professional development and a formal Allyship education program.

For maternity leave, they offer: 12 weeks, fully paid


Favor, formerly the Pill Club, is on a mission to be the most trusted health care partner for women, empowering their members through access, choice, and education about their options. Starting with birth control, they’ve built in-house medical and pharmacy capabilities integrated with insurance so subscribers can get their prescriptions delivered to their door. 🏡

As you would hope for their industry, their health and wellness benefits are top-notch. 

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid + $15K towards family planning and fertility support via Carrot


Vanta works with over 1500 companies to automate their security monitoring and get ready for security audits in weeks instead of months. They aim to be a layer of trust on top of cloud services, to secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe.

80% of Vanta's people and project leadership roles are held by women. They also describe their working environment as full-context, high ownership. 👩🏻‍💻

For maternity leave, they offer: 16 weeks, fully paid


Volley makes voice-controlled games and entertainment for Alexa, Google Home, and mobile devices. They are team-centered around creating and enabling fun. Their goal is to build a destination for interactive audio entertainment (like Netflix did for television).

Head to their Elpha page for direct quotes from team members about the experience of working at Volley. 🎧

For maternity leave, they offer: 24 weeks, paid to the birthing parent. 12 weeks, paid to non-birthing (or adoptive) parents.

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